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Stargate SG-1 Costume, Mike McPhail as MSgt Michael Donovich




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The Character:

Stargate SGC, Michael Donovich Bio

Mike McPhail, "Not that NASA!"Michael Donovich was on detached service from the U.S. Air Force to NASA as a mission specialist, as part of operation "Watchtower" (which involved the deployment of the "Mongoose" hyperwave early warming satellites)--this during the time of the destruction of the spaceshuttle Columbia at the hands of the Goa'uld--his background in NASA and as an aeronautical engineer and published science fiction author, made him a valuable asset in the government's effort to classify (cover-up) the incident.

Stargate SG-1 Costume, Donovich in GateroomDonovich's recruitment into the SGC followed the Air Forces' tried and true method for keeping "Top Secret Projects" under raps; such as with "Project Blue Book" back in the 1960's, which was used to confuse--rather than cover up--various test and operational flights of classified military and government aircraft. The intention was to set up such reports in the public mind-set as nothing more than unverifiable "crack-pot" Flying Saucer sightings.


Stargate, Donovich at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

As a condition of joining the SGC, Donovich insisted on not being return to active duty, "He felt he could do more good if he was able to get around the military chain-of-command; but I think he just didn't want to shave off his beard." quotes then Colonel Jack O'Neill; despite this, he was eventually returned to active duty; "Typical," stated now acting MSgt (Master Sergeant) Donovich.
(photo by: Danielle McPhail)


Stargate SG-1 Costume, Donovich SG-9Although not slated for Off-World assignment, Donovich was pressed into service as a member of the newly reformed diplomatic Team SG-9; this after the incident on planet P3X-513, in which the late Captain Jonas Hanson (USAF) suffered a severe laps in judgment. "That's what it says in the report. I take it the new team leader doesn't have a God-complex?" asked Donovich when he was told of his new assignment. "Nope." remarked Captain Mark Morgan, Public Affairs Officer SG-9, "But at least Major Mike Hunnicutt looks the part."
            (photo caption: "What do you mean by, 'stand here and guard that box'"?)

Stargate SG-1 Costume, Donovich SG-3 and Base SecuritySince then, MSgt Donovich has served with several other Stargate Teams including SG-3 ("Semper-Fi!"), from which he received a formal reprimand from Colonel Reynolds (USMC) for, "Being sarcastic at an inappropriate time." Donovich disputes this charge, "Is there ever a proper time for sarcasm?" In addition, he received an additional reprimand for not shaving.

As part of his company punishment--when not on assignment--he was detailed out to the base Security Police, under then Lieutenant James Tollett (now a member of SG-9). "Sleeping is not an option." remembers Donovich.

Note: The stripes on my U.S.Air Force issued jacket are that of a 1988 E-4 Sergeant.
Click here for a photo from my 1988 issued USAF train manual (large file).

Stargate SG-1 Costume, Donovich SG-2Currently he is on extended assignment with Off-World Team SG-2, under Major Edwin "Reaper" O'Connell; "This team (SG-2) has a long and valiant history; since the time of Major Kawalski's, when the snake-hits-the-fan, they were the team the SGC send through the gate to pull SG-1's collective butts out of the fire; under Major O'Connell, nothing has changed" 

To date, Donovich is still assigned to the SGCs' science division; but he seems to spend more time in the field then he does back in the labs.

To avoid any future problems with Donovich's seeming inability to shave off his beard--as per regulations--he was unofficially diagnosed as having PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae), an issued a shaving waiver.

(photo by: Ron Logan)

Mike McPhail as MSgt Michael Donovich, in Stargate SG-1 Costume, in Gateroom 


Mike McPhail's Stargate Costumes in action.

Photo gallerys of Mike McPhail as
 MSgt Donovich in Stargate Costume., Stargate Fandom


COSTUME: Duty Uniform (Blue)

Mike McPhail as MSgt Michael Donovich, Stargate SG-1 Costume, in SGC Hallway
(photo by: Ron Logan)

Stargate SG-1 Costume, Donovich in Blue Duty Uniform

Uniform: My SGC duty uniform is a navy blue, Tru-Spec, two-pocket BDU shirt with epaulets, and matching BDU pants--it is basically a  police tactical uniform--this one comes from the Galls Law Enforcement catalog (items SH106 and TR076). I have yet to find a matching OD green version of this uniform.

(photo by: Danielle McPhail)

Belt: This is the 5.11 Tactical Series TDU belt, at 1.5 inches wide, black in color (also comes in OD green). I also found these at Galls (item NP569) (pictures to come).

Patches: The two 4-inch patches (the standard Earth address patch, and in my case the SGC instead of a team patch), and a 3-inch USAF patch, were ordered from Creation Entertainment, and are affixed to the uniform with black Velcro. (Note: Creation is not planning on restocking the 3-inch USAF patch, and their 3.5-inch is too big in this case. Patch photos courtesy of Creation Entertainment).

(Left-Side, Patch photos 
(SG-2, SG-9) courtesy of Sci Fi Patches.)

Stargate Patch, Earth Icon
Earth Icon
Stargate Command Patch
Stargate Command
Stargate Patch, USAF

My USAF ball cap was not part of the series (but I like it).

Boots: Any veriation on the US, gloss black, combat boots will do.

Note: For indoor events, I (in the finest tradition of the SGC) wear my BDU shirt open to reveal a black T-shirt and a pair of dog-tags (this just isn't done in the service).

Status as of June 2010

I now have the infamus Blackhawk Tactical Drop hulster (pictures to follow)--a gift from JDR, one of my DTF series authors-- so now I'm looking for a set of OD green, US Army surplus M44 goggle for my helmet (pictures to follow).

COSTUME: Off-World Uniform (Version 2)

My new Stargate SG-1, G-8 off-world jacket

After Balticon in 2009, I discovered a great need for a new, light-weight version of my G8, since my modified M65 proved to be way to hot to live in. So after finding a somewhat suitable jacket on a clearance rack, I converted it, using some of the ideas I had for addapting an OD Green, BDU shirt. The "How To" page is currently under construction.

COSTUME: Off-World Uniform (Version 1)

Stargate SG-1 Costume, G8 Off-world uniform, Mike McPhail


Picture courtesy
US Wings

Stargate SG-1 Costume, 4 views of the G8, Mike McPhail

Jacket: The Off World Uniform is based on the Navy's WEP jacket (the real world version has a glossy nylon outer casing, and was not  used. In the first episodes they used the US MA-1 "helicopter" flight jackets, which also has a glossy outer casing.). The ones used in the series were made of OD green (or black) ripstop material.

Vest: This is the Blackhawk Medic Vest. I obtained mine from Elite Tactical Source (ETS) for just over one-hundred dollars (US) total (which included taxes and shipping and handling). Their customer service and speed of deliver were both first rate. The vest was shipped directly from Blackhawk.

Holster: This is the Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Assault Hostler available from both Galls and ETS.

Mike McPhail in Stargate SG-2 costume


The black beret w/Stargate flash has become my head gear of choice when playing Sergeant Donovich, as seen here at an event in Mount Holly, New Jersey, October 2009.

Click to enlarge.


Stargate SG-2

Stargate SG-9

Stargate SG-1

Patches: Same as above, plus either team SG-2, or SG-9 (SG-1 for reference)

Uniform: Standard OD green BDU pants with black long sleeve T-shirt.

Belt: Same as above but in OD green.


Stargate: OD Green Hat1

Stargate: Black Tactical Hat2

Stargate: Helmet w/SWAT Black cover and goggles3

Stargate: Helmet w/camo cover and goggles4

Stargate: USAF Team-style ball cap5

Stargate: Beret w/movie flash6

Stargate: Duerag w/USAF markings7

Mike McPhail in Stargate black beret w/movie flash8


OD Green Army-style cap. Used with G8
(2): Black Police-style "Tactical" ball cap. Used with G8
(3): PASGT helmet, w/black cover, goggles and elastic band w/cats eyes.
       Used with G8
(4): PASGT helmet, w/woodland camo cover, and goggles.
       Used with SG-3, M65 field jacket
(5): USAF "Team-style" ball cap. Used with all uniforms.
(6): Blue Air Force Academy beret w/Stargate movie flash (like that warn by
       Kurt Russell). Now retired.
Flash was from
Sci Fi Patches
(7): "Biker Shop", Duerag w/USAF markings. Used with G8
(8): Black beret w/Stargate flash
(9): Blue Army-style cap (not shown). Used with Blue Duty Uniform

Gloves: I wear a pair of black fingerless gloves (also reminiscent of O'Neill), which I've always used for weapon handling.

Boots: Any veriation on the US, gloss black, combat boots will do.


Weapon, P90: As for a toy P90, all of my locale stores wanted over a hundred dollars for even the most basic model; online you can find them for as little as $28.00 US (plus shipping) from Toy Arsenal out in California. The down side is that the magazine has a pull-back hatch for loading plastic BBs, with no mock ammunition. But, you can buy a realistic (fake bullets) magazine from Airsoft for more than the price of the P90 in this case, or Kapowwe, which is were I obtained mine. (Picture of P90 courtesy of Toy Arsenal; picture of P90 magazine courtesy of Airsoft).

Toy Arsenal P90

Airsoft P90 magazine w/ammo


Weapon, M9: This is an Airsoft,  92F Beretta Heavy Pistol from Toy Arsenal, at about $18 (picture courtesy of Toy Arsenal).

Airsoft M92F


Legal Notice: Airsoft guns are required by law to have the tip (1/4 inch) of the barrel permanently colored in blaze orange; the removal of said tip--and/or any warning stickers or protective markings--is a violation of Federal law. The use of any look-alike or toy gun in the commission of a crime may carry the same legal ramifications as if a real firearm had been used. State laws can also very greatly, such as in New York City, "any realistic-looking toy gun is band outright", blaze orange tip or not.

The only exception for a toy-gun is as a "theatrical props", and then only under very specific conditions.

Status as of May 2010

Headgear: I've added a USAF Master Sergeant's rank pin, over my Stargate mission flash (picture to come).

USAF Space Command Patch

Originally I was going to use an Air Force Space Command patch, (the Air Force security personel at the SGC have a versions of this on their berets), but I've deside to wait until I get a second black beret before commiting to it, that and it gives me a chance to see what people think of the idea.

These are from

Status as of March 2009

Vest Modification: From season to season, there were small changes to the vest--my advice to you, is find one you like and stick with it--I liked the silvers pocket snaps, but then I would have to change out all of them, so I decide to go with adding black ones. In addition, I cut a hole in the top of the pocket, and forcibly slid in my Motorola radio into it, then looped behind it the clear ear-tube.

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Before1

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Taped Down2

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Drilled Out3

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Snap Cut Off4

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Shaft Cut-Back5

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Opening Expanded6

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Punch Used To Secure Snap7

Stargate SG-1 Vest, Completed8

Stargate SG-1 Vest, w/New Snaps9

Status as of February 2009

Tactical earpiece for my Stargate SG-1 vestG8: I'm making a new G8 from a jacket I found on a clearance rack just after Christmas. Project images to follow.

Vest: I now have the clear earpiece for the radio pocket (my birthday present from Galls), so I'm now going to do a proper refit of the vest to be series accurate (canon). Project images to follow.


Status as of June 2008

G8 Version 1: My jacket is as complete as its going to be--its not canon* to the series--but under the circumstances, its the best I can do with the available materials, and besides, it looks great under the tactical vest.

Stargate G8

Stargate G8

Stargate G8

Stargate Costume, G8

Stargate Costume, G8

Stargate Costume, G8

Saga to OD GreenMy SGC issue G8, Off-World Jacket, is a modied OD (Olive Drab) Green, US Army, M65 field jacket. In this latest version, I have removed the collar, and replaced it, and the cuffs, with green elastic fabric. The material came from a woman's sports sweat-jacket, I picked up at the Sports Authority on its sales rack for about $10. It was saga in color, and a bit bright (right), but after a few drips in black fabric dye, it darkened down just right (left). Its important to remember to dry the fabric between color-checks, otherwise, the end result may not be what you want. I recommed that you do not us a washing machine; find a pot and work carefully on the stove.
     Matching the color (in this case) was easy dispite the fact, that the jackets seems to change color from season to season, let alone from scene to scene. But it always has one thing in common; the collar and cuffs match the color of the velcro, in my case, the OD green I obtained form Supply Captain.
     In conclusion, I had to learn to how to us a sewing machine, and re-learn all my basic hand stitching, and fabric treatments in order to complete this costume. It was fun, and time consuming, but if you brake it down into smaller steps, and donate a few hours at a time, it can all come together.

Pants Color: Finding them wasn't the problem, GI style BDU (Battle Dress, Uniform) pants are everywhere, but matching the color to the jack, that was another story. The M65 was faded from years of life out in the sun, while the pants were almost brand new, and noticeably darker than the jacket. The answer, was to bleach them, but if your not careful, you can destroy what your working on.

Basics: Us a washing machine--not a bucket, if you can avoid it--the machine will then go on to rinse and ring out the pants, saving you time and skin damage. Important: Do not put anything else in with the pants, since the dye in the other item my leech out and make life interesting. First, add the bleach (no pants at this time) and start the machine; letting it fill up with water. Then once it starts agitating (that thing in the middle moves about), then add the pants. This is to avoid staining the pants with the bleach, and casing a bright spot. Then dry the pance before going back for another round of bleach. It took me three times to get it light enough to pass.

Stargate Costume, Earpiece 

Earpiece: I can not afford the $30 need to buy the real thing; so, I took a length of white wire, and bent it to look like the earpiece when it is stored in and over the radio pouch. Since my vest is not canon (it lacks the outside snaps), I can't bring myself to punch a hole in the top for the radio's antenna to poke through.


Knife: In the series it was typically an U.S. M9 bayonet, in any number of different scabbards. In my case, I'm using a toy survival knife--the grip looks the part, and I can sand down the cutting edge to a flat, for both safety and security reasons--placed in my Explorer Mk-II's (seen right) scabbard, which comes with a military belt mount. Generally the knife is only used for photogrphic purposes, and is not carried at events. 

Stargate P90 w/laser mounted

P90: Its now has a tactical laser mounted to its left side. I was walking about a local flea market, when I can across an dealer selling airsofts (and pseudo-airsoft) weapons, and $15 dollars later, it was mine. It looks great, but at 5 mW, I would not be comfortable using it around people, so I left the batteries out.


Holster w/M9: Under Federal Law, all toy guns must have a blazzen orange saftey tip on the last 1/4 inch of the barrle; my problem is that with this holster the muzzle of my M9 (image right) sticks out, which completely distroys the authenticity (or canon) of my costume. So to stay within the law I obtained another M9--in this case a very cheap $6 toy that happens to be the correct size and shape--and completely removed the barrle as well as the trigger group. It looks great in the holster, (image left) but is usless as a theatrical prop; but then again, so is my original M9 (more like a Berretta 93R), with its full barrle plug; it to has had its lead weights and airgun guts removed.

Stargate Costume, Mock M9 next to hulsterStargate Costume, M9 pistol


Stargate Costume, The Prop

The Case: This lovely thing use to house an Army issue, night-vision scope. I found it at a local flea-market (one of my favorite places to shop) from a man who said "he had lots more stuff like this", and that he would be back next week. That was over a year ago, and I haven't seen him--or his van--since.
    This wasn't specifically picked up for my Stargate costume (I collect such things in general), but it has the look of something they would us on an off-world mission. Normally I use it as a "stand here mark" when I'm doing photography, as seen in the "Costume: Off-World" section of this page.

Harness: Thanks to a comrade over at SFHs' SG-9, I now have the canon front latch for the P90s' harness. These cost all of a $1.50 (plus S/H), from a company out of China; (this is not the U.S. Best Buy electronics).

Stargate P90 Harness Clips

Stargate SG-1 Costume P90 Harness

On the right, are the new clips, with my old one at the top. Left is the new clip on my old harness.

The term, "canon"--in this case--simply means, that it is an accurate version of what was seen in the show.

Gun Strap: This is a dog collar I picked up at PetSmarts. In the first image on the left, you can see the "D" ring at the right, were you would hook the leash. I built a belt through the "D" ring (since the buckle would not fit through it) using 1-inch black webbing and a plastic buckle, which I picked up at a local Joanne's. The smaller belt in turn fits through the harness' buckle's lower loop.

Stargate P90 Gun Strap

Stargate P90 Gun Strap, Harness Connector

Stargate P90 Gun Strap and Harness Connector


New Projects: Currently I'm working on a Stargate Movie costume, based on the one warn by Kurt Russell. The need for this version, came about because my G8 is to heavy to where continuously in temperatures above 70 degrees; let alone two full days in the middle of a heat wave in the forest of Maryland. Mission MDFF08

(photo caption: "Wish you were here. Love and kisses from Abydos." Don.)

(photo by: Danielle McPhail)

Stargate Movie Costume, Stargate SG-1 Costume
New Project

I have no idea what I'm calling it yet. I found it on a discount rack, and it looked like something a Jaffa might using in training. Its suppose to be a toy Tazzer; it lights up, makes noise, and vibrates at two different settings. Once Its painted up like a Zat, I'll put a holster together for it. Until I locate a proper Zat, it will do when either "peace-bonding" isn't enough for my P90, or if there are no bananas* available. 

Update June 2008. I'm calling this a "Hwi", which is ancient egyptian for "to hit" or "to strike".

Note*: At Balticon42, it provide impossible to peace-bond my P90--short of rapping duct tape around me and the weapon--so I found a banana and carried it about (until it started to turn black, then I eat it) in my tactical vest--this is based on the Monty Python skit, "How to protect yourself from fresh fruit". If you don't know what I'm typing about, go ask a Geek, or someone over forty.

Status as of February 2008

My credits card information was stolen from one of my Internet transactions. Basically, someone in South Korea had a great time on my dollar; the report shows they ran up over a $1,000.00 bar tab, then went out and picked up a thousand dollars worth of groceries.

Happily, I will not be charged, and the card company will be going after the bad-guys on this one. My problem is, which of the company that I delt with, lost my information.

From this point on, if I can't do it through PayPal, its just not going to happen. In fact I will list which companys I deal with use PayPal.

Status as of January 2008

OD green Velcro

Velcro: This is a 4x12-inch sheet of hook and loop, military grade, OD green Velcro. At just over $4.00 a set, it turned out to be the biggest pain in the butt to find. This lovely stuff came from Supply Captain in upstate New York.

G8 w/OD green Velcro Patches

Left: My current G8 with OD green loop Velcro for the patches.

Right: The SGC patch with Velcro hook backing.

SGC Patch w/Velcro backings


P90: This story just gets better and better. Thanks to Christmas, I suddenly found I had the finances to get the improved P90 magazine w/mock bullets.

Update, February 2008: This is now being refered to as "The 2,000 dollar magazine", we believe that my credit card information was stolen during this transaction.

Tokyo Marui P90 magazine
Tokyo Marui P90 series -
68 rds magazine

Tokyo Marui P90 magazine - side view
same magazine
side view.

When this arrived, I discovered that engraved on the side was the following:


My first thought was, "it was an outlawed item; atleast in the USA",--after all it did come from Japan--so I e-mailed seller, and they nicely explained, that that's whats on the side of the real magazine; and re-enforced the fact that they would not sell anything illegal.


P90 magazines:
Left: Toy Arsonal Magazine
Right: The new magazine

Modified P90
View of the modified P90s'
magazine clamp.

I was told by others, that I would have to modify the Toy Arsonal P90, in order to accept the new magazine. As you can see (above image, left), the Toy Arsonal magazine is held in place by a rectangular block--in addition to the spring-loaded clamp--so this had to be removed from the P90 (above image, right). While I had the beast apart, I removed all of the BB gun mechanism, and the lead weights.


P90, Muzzle Brake: Unfortunately, my toy P90 does not have the proper muzzle brake for the real-world weapon. Since I'm using this as part of a competition costume, and for photographic illustrations (a.k.a. as an amateur theatical prop), I needed to make it a new one. It important to note, that  at no point did I remove or paint over the airsoft P90s' required 1/4 inch blaze orange barrel tip; the muzzle brake slips over the exsisting tip, and is only used at very specific times.
    Initially I ran into a few problem, namely I hadn't done any modeling in over a decade; had no workshop in my new home; and no access to my old supply lines (such as industrial plastics and related materials). Well, I cleaned up the garage, set up my drill press and bench rig, and went to Leows.

PVC plumbing part

Carved PVC

New part compared to printout.

Finished Muzzle Brake

It started with a PVC plumbing fitting (top, left), and after hours of filing and sanding I ended up with this; its easy, just remove what isn't part of the muzzle brake (top, right). Here I'm comparing it to the Internet printout that I used as a guide (bottom, left), The finished product (bottom, right).


Toy Arsonal P90 w/modifications
The finished P90 w/tactical strap.

Stargate Toy P90

Another view of my P90 w/muzzle brake. Under normal real-life or convention conditions, I can't carry it. When I can, its without the bullet magazine and muzzle brake; only during costume call can I use all its options.


P90 Tactical Harness: (see update: June 2008) I didn't even know this existened in the show; I though the P90 sling connected to the front of the medic vest. Well after some research (net and DVD) I found several views of the harness, but dropping big buck for the real thing (which would not mount to my Toy Arsenal P90 anyway) was out of the question.

So here's the big truth about costuming: Either you have a friend or family member (my Mom did all my costumes back in the 70-80s; now I have an award winning wife to do that. In theory) do it for you; or you need to know how to sew, and use a sewing machine. In my case, I knew how to sew, but need to learn my wife's sewing machines. After a couple of days, I picked up the basics and made several of the costumes' key componants, including the P90 harness.


Front view, P90 Harness

Back view, P90 Harness


The basic bits to the harness (above, left) are 1- and 2-inch wide black nylon banding; 4-sliders and a quick release latch. I had to improvise the shoulder -to- front connectors (top, middle) using heavy gauge wire and a set of loops from a discarded piece of exercise equipment. The actual front clamp, is used on baby carriages and some cars seats, but I have had no luck finding it, so I'll have to wait for the summer and hit the flea markets (swap meet to some of you). The back (top, right) is just a cross peace to hold everything in place. All the connections are box-stitched. I'm waring a yellow t-shirt for better contrast to the black harness and vest.


P90 on HarnessP90 over medical vest, frontP90 over medical vest, back

Left: P90 on harness.

Middle: P90 on harness, over vest, front.

Right: Harness seen thought vest, back.

Status as of December 2007
Turn your Christmas gifts into costume bits.

So far, finding 3-yards of OD green Velcro (without having to buy 25-yards from the government) is turn out to be near impossible. So for now, I'll just sew the patches directly onto the jacket. Happily I found a place with ALL the SG teams and related patches I could ever need for this project. (Sci Fi Pacthes).

Update on Velcro: Just found a place in New York State (Supply Captain) that will send me a 4x12-inch OD green (military-spec) Velcro set (hook and loops) all of $4.00 each (plus $4 something for UPS shipping) The set also includes a strip of brown, tan and black.

Stargate G8 Jacket w/arm pocket

I made (using the sewing machine-thingy) the arm pocket from a bit of material that was removed from the bottom of the jacket when it was shorten for the elastic strip. Although not visible in this photo, there is an Army issue button under the flap.

Stargate G8 w/lining

Another good thing about using the M65 as the base for the G8, is its button-in thermal lining. Sometimes the G8 has it, sometimes it doesn't. As you can see, the collar has yet to be swapped out for the elastic one.


Toy Arsenal Leg Holster

My holster (and M9 pistol) came from Toy Arsenal (along with the pistol for about $40 with shipping), and in this case, will do nicely (picture courtesy of Toy Arsenal).

M9 w/tactical holster

The Toy Arsenal holster was a good start (right);  they used Blackhawks in the show with some modifications, so I rebuilt this one to show-specs. (left).

Blackhawk Omega Holster

For comparison: the Blackhawk Omega Drop Leg Assault Hostler (picture courtesy of ETS).


Not pictured here, is the P90 chest sling I built from parts from the fabric store (and using that sew machine-thingy).

Status as of November 2007
Special thanks to Tina (and her understanding husband Tony), for putting this together for me on such short notice. We love you!

This project jumped ahead with the early arrival of my Blackhawk medical vets from ETS.. Originally I was going to try for this costume sometime in early 2008; all of a sudden it became possible to have enough of it done so I could wear it at the launch party for my new book "Breach the Hull", which premiered at this years Philcon.

As you can see, the jacket is still under redesign--but with the vest over it, it worked out well--the collar needs to be changed out for the elastic one; the arm pocket must be added; the extra side pockets have to be removed.


G8 in its' early stage.

G8 with Blackhawk Medical Vest

G8 w/vest, back view



G8-A w/vest

G8-A w/vest, back


Rather than trying to build it from scratch (they sell the jacket, but that's out of my price range; that on top of all the other goodies I need), we are using an US M65 field jacket. It has many of the features as the G-8 (re-enforced back, epaulets and two large front pockets), but will require modifications to the waist, wrist and collar, in the form of elastic banding, which we canibulized from an OD green Army sweatshirt.


US M65 Field Jacket

Left: US Army M65 field jacket.

Right: Discount store "Army" sweatshirt.

OD green Army sweatshirt


Websites of Interest:


Galls Law Enforcement
(Blue Uniform)

Elite Tactical Sources
(Blackhawk Medical Vest)


(P90 & M9 w/hulster)

Airsoft Armory
(I had my credit card data stolen here)


(SWAT Black Helmet Cover)

(P90 Harness Buckle)



Creation Entertainment

(OG Green Velcro)

(Patches and Ranks)

(Name Tapes, Helmet Bands)




*Accept PayPal*


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"But please feel free to offer him a walk-on role in any STARGATE production."
Thank you


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